My Home Our most beautiful paint ever

With our new Fenomastic My Home range you can easily turn your house into a beautiful home. Fenomastic My Home gives the best colour experience and ensures that the end result is exactly what you are searching for. By providing two paint finishes, Rich Matt and Smooth Silk, our My Home range will ensure that you get just the right colour and finish you desire. It is a superior-quality paint that is suitable for all indoor spaces, especially living rooms and bedrooms.

Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt

Type: Interior Paints

  • Gives the best colour experience; makes deep colours look rich and strong colours look soft
  • Accurate colours and a wider range of colours available
  • Superior quality matt finish with improved washability and fewer touch up marks.

Fenomastic Hygiene

Type: Interior Paints

  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on the wall
  • Perfect for high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Crack tolerance up to 1 mm

Fenomastic My Home Smooth Silk

Type: Interior Paints

  • Gives a good colour experience
  • Colours are more accurate
  • Smooth silky finish with a good washability



Fenomastic Pure Colours Emulsion

Type: Interior Paints

  • Good quality paint for all indoor spaces
  • Smooth finish
  • Good flow and leveling

Fenomastic Stain Resistant

Type: Interior Paints

  • Prevents stain penetration into the paint film, making it easier to remove stains
  • Due to its high washability, walls stay beautiful for longer
  • Perfect for high traffic areas such as hallways and kid’s rooms

Fenomastic Pure Colours Enamel

Type: Interior Paints

  • Washable
  • Lead free
  • Non yellowing

Fenomastic Primer

Type: Primer

  • Easy application
  • Superior adhesion
  • Good penetration